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What a week

Wow, this has been the craziest week!

We had our first delivery of stock on Monday. After waiting weeks over the Christmas holiday season for the company to come back in work, only to find out the delay in getting the parcel was due to my email's overactive spam filter. We finally received the box and it was worth the wait!

Never felt so giggly opening a parcel before. I filmed the process so you can check it out on our Instagram page if you are curious. Just a few samples of the first products, but it's a start! Its crazy seeing something that we've worked hard to create actually be manufactured into a real life product. It looked so much better in real life than on a computer.

Had quite a good reception of the products as I've been posting them online. Don't get me wrong, it's not huge numbers of people, but each time we get a like on social media it's giving me a little courage to keep pursuing this.

Finishing the week off with a little card making with the folks using our new products. It was crazy watching the cards coming together and finding out how well they worked with the flower backgrounds.

A card featuring pink roses addressed to sister

A card with a purple dahlia addressed to mum

Hopefully this will be a regular thing, making cards on the weekend with family. Gives us a good opportunity to test out the products and come up with ideas for new ones.

The future is looking bright!

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